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Recent industry changes have added many challenges and complexities to the business of the medical practice, such as electronic health record (EHR) transition, PPACA, HIPAA revisions, ACO, meaningful use, 5010, ICD-10, e-prescribe, PQRS, declining reimbursement rates, and increased patient payment responsibility). Many practices have started to reevaluate the idea of partnering with a professional medical billing & collections or revenue cycle management companies as a possible resource for addressing some of the challenges.

Why Outsource

More Focus on Patient Care

Spend more time focusing on what you do best—patient satisfaction and providing quality care to your patients. This is specifically advantageous for smaller physician groups that cannot afford a large medical office staff. Physicians cannot be efficient at providing excellent patient care if they are bogged down by the financial side of running a practice.

Access to Greater Resources

We have greater staff experience, more powerful systems, and more aggregate resources at our disposal to help make sure you get paid. With medBEYOND, you'll be more equipped to defend yourself against the insurance companies not wanting to pay your claims.


Bottom line—Our clients generally experience significantly higher reimbursement, and the dollars spend less days in accounts receivable. No claim is left behind.

Mitigating Staff Concerns

Our staff maintains ongoing training on the latest rules, regulatory trends, and coding. We ensure that you have experts handling your finances.

Ensuring Billing and Collections Compliance

Healthcare is an ever-changing industry, and insurance companies are partly to blame. Medical billing and collections is a challenge because of all the changes to the rules and business practices coming from the insurance carriers like Medicare, Medicaid, and third-party payers. It is a full-time job to make sure that the medical office is following the proper protocol required by each payer.

Systems Benefits

We not only eliminate all your billing and collections problems, but medBEYOND will also be your technical support for your billing and electronic medical records software. All you need is Internet access.



Our costs are directly proportional to your actual income. You make less, we make less, you make more, and we make more. Pay us when you are paid. Our goal is to increase your net income.


1 or 100 physicians—our solutions grow with your practice without the need for additional investment in staff, overhead, equipment, or software.


Up-to-the-minute financial, patient, and system data is available 24/7/365. Get detailed insight into your practice health. Don't just maintain—broaden your control!

During the past 10 years, medBEYOND has provided services across the nation to medical practices ranging in size from 1 to more than 25 providers. medBEYOND's comprehensive expertise and background in physician medical billing and collections, reimbursement management, full workflow management, and practice management, coupled with our extensive experience with various billing and electronic medical record (EMR) software will be an asset for your organization.


Practicing the Business of Medicine

You can know a lot about a company by the company it keeps! Take a look at our partners and see how we have powerful relationships with leading technology providers in medicine and technology—the kind of interactions that ensure that our billing and collections software is nothing but the best available.

Ability to Maximize Revenues

We meet today's reimbursement challenges and will improve the profitability of your medical practice!

Follow-Up Protocols

medBEYOND will perform insurance and patient follow-up functions that exceed your expectations.

Stability and Size

With medBEYOND, you're not dealing with a "mom and pop" shop and its associated risks, but rather with a stable service company with many satisfied clients.


medBEYOND provides you with a practice management system and EMRs for immediate use or for the future.


medBEYOND's world-class data center will safeguard your information from intruders, hackers, outages, and disasters with layered security, backups, and redundant systems. Our strict program of audits, certifications, and affiliations achieves the highest quality levels to help you comply with all the new Healthcare industry requirements.

Internal Structure

MedBEYOND is conducive to both maximizing reimbursement and customer service.

Level of Experience

The experience levels of the actual specialists, supervisors, and managers who work your account exceeds the current market standards.

Internal Procedures

Our quality control initiatives are in place and formalized.

Customer Service

Our company structure does not hinder your access to the specialists who actually perform work on your behalf. Speak to our references! We are US-owned and -operated!


Your data and detailed reporting is available to you 24/7/365. Just a few clicks away! Our virtual services create an "on-staff" atmosphere with no patient awareness that we are off site.


medBEYOND offers a level of billing redundancy that makes certain your revenue cycle stays on track and generates maximum income. medBEYOND goes a step further by providing redundancy to company computer systems.

HIPAA, Medicare, and OIG Compliance

We maintain an accurate, up to date HIPAA, Medicare, and OIG compliance policy.

Patient Relations

Our procedures and tactics used to collect payment from your valued patients will reflect the attitude of care and concern we have for them.

Workflow Changes

medBEYOND has options that integrate seamlessly with your practice's processes and that do not require significant change or realignment.

Shared cCost Risk?

Our medical billing and collection services operate on a risk-sharing model—we only profit when you profit, so you can be sure we're working hard to optimize the financial performance of your practice. What good is it if you pay a billing service 2% less, but collect less than 10% of your accounts receivable?


• Insurance and patient collections

• Fee schedule review


• Coding and abstracting

• Billing software audits


• Insurance verification

• Charge entry


• Electronic claims submission

• Payment posting


• Monthly reporting/financial review

• Patient statement generation


• Accounts receivable "clean-up" program

• IT Conversion Projects


• Patient Collections


medBEYOND is staffed by professional, certified coders to maintain the database and communicate with you regarding payer-specific, practice-specific, and patient-specific information by CPT code. Whether it is through increasing revenue capture and cash flow related to current lines of business, streamlining processes and cutting costs, or looking for new sources of revenue, medBEYOND is well equipped to assist you in increasing your practice's bottom line!

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