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EMR/EHR in the Cloud

The Problem:

Doctors have to see more patients than ever before. Patients you have to diagnose, track, and treat. Government mandates that practices adopt new hardware and software platforms to meet regulatory requirements at the same time the government and insurance companies are putting more downward pressure on healthcare costs and doctors than ever before. This has been a dramatic change, especially for small practices, where regulation is costly and time consuming and comes with significant risk and burden to the practice.

Your practice needs to be lean, fast-moving, innovative, and automated costs needed to automate.

What Is the Cloud?

The Cloud, in definition, is a datacenter hosting a multi-tenant environment. The Cloud concept is the same in that it requires the same infrastructure and corresponding cost within the datacenter: data processing, bandwidth, servers and computing, storage, Web services, power, HVAC, virtualization, business applications, and a built-in IT staff. The difference is that the multi-tenant model allows for dramatic scalability in the business model. The Cloud shifts the IT overhead, technology sophistication requirement, upfront capital cost, and operational burden to the Cloud supplier.

Now more than ever, small business can be on an equal playing field and have access to the same technology as "big business" without having to afford millions of dollars in networking, an army of IT specialists, and the overhead of network staging, test, development, and operational process.

Not all Clouds are created equal

Don't be fooled: Cloud computing still has risk. Many "Cloud providers" still run Legacy infrastructure (old applications and hardware platforms), making them—and by association, your business—slow and inflexible.

medBEYOND brings state-of-the-art infrastructure, networking, virtualization, computing power, and high-performance applications that are developed to run across the Internet. They are fast, simple, and designed to be latency resistant and highly adaptable to multiple platforms, including mobile devices. medBEYOND makes it as easy and reliable as plugging into a utility.

medBEYOND integrates state-of-the-art networking, security, and applications with our HORIZON total care support, and your practice now has the ultimate in technology, processing, and IT support—all for a low monthly fee!

The Power of medBEYOND's mediCloud

The value of the Cloud can be leveraged by any size healthcare organization and in any combination or quantity they want at a comfort level that is right for them at this time.

medBEYOND understands that healthcare providers need to keep pace with the rapidly evolving and increasingly complex healthcare industry and regulation in order to survive and thrive. To achieve that, healthcare providers need a powerful partner like medBEYOND to enhance and improve their operations effectively and efficiently in order to get maximum benefit from their technology investment and to align their IT needs with their overall business strategy.

Using industry best practices and its proven implementation methodology and leading-edge technology platforms in the mediCloud, medBEYOND has engineered a path to successful implementation and delivery of electronic medical/health records (EMRs/EHRs) and, correspondingly, meaningful-use compliance and reimbursement.

medBEYOND's comprehensive mediCloud enables healthcare providers to free their management bandwidth to focus on their core patient care mission. Armed with the latest in technology platforms and delivery mechanisms, as well as substantial clinical domain expertise, medBEYOND provides healthcare providers with the agility to respond quickly and affordably and to scale to business demands and increasing demands for improved patient care quality, safety, efficiency, and effectiveness through improved technology and business processes.

Whether your practice needs EMR hosting, remote storage capability, or hosted e-mail services, MedBEYOND's mediCloud is ready!

When it comes to the Cloud, MedBeyond means business. We are to technology what you are to medicine. We want to be your partner in delivering your critical business applications, empowering you to practice innovation!

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