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medBEYOND has created the HORIZON full lifecycle practice management platform, deploying a proven methodology of combining people, processes, and technology to deliver the most comprehensive technology customer experience in the healthcare market. Compliance, business automation, electronic medical/health records (EMRs/EHRs), and practice automation can be difficult.

With the HORIZON suite of technology and services, medBEYOND offers a one-stop partner to deliver the services to your practice.



A leading-edge, fully integrated, fully Web-based, Cloud EHR platform, mediCloud's EMR is delivered to each practice via their own private Cloud. Learn More about EMR/EHR and the mediCloud here.



This billing and collections service is a fully integrated, systematic, and rigorous methodology to collecting your money—No claim left behind!


HORIZON Total Practice Automation

medBEYOND offers a full offering of network, PC, printer, mobile, and full practice automation serviceS. No matter how complex your in-house technology needs, get medBEYOND has the right resources to help. Read more about our complete practice management solution.

HORIZON Total Support

medBEYOND offers 24/7/365 access to support. Our comprehensive approach to support allows for practices to access support personel whenever the business should require. Located in North America, our friendly, helpful, and highly trained support staff is here to help.

HORIZON Total Training

medBEYOND prides itself on lasting relationships and empowerment of our clients. One of the mechanisms we use to facilitate these two relationship steeples is the ultimate in training. No matter what the application, whether billing, collections coding, practice management, or EMR, medBEYOND ensures your team has the right knowledge, tools, and support.

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