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Total Practice Automation—Computers and Networking Services

Optimize Your Practice Computing

medBEYOND computer and networking services save time, hassle, and money for healthcare practices. We provide full-service, in-office setup of PCs, mobile devices, and full-office networks—fully customized to your specific practice—as well as upgrades and medBEYOND's HORIZON total support for existing computer systems. Support services can also occur by phone, with technicians able to view your system from their location.


• Network and PC upgrades

• Security


• Mobile devices and mobility

• File sharing


• Creation and customization

• Wireless networks


• Installation

• Horizon total support and repair


• Data transfer


"With the advent of the burdensome regulations of HIPAA/HiTech, the hosted Cloud model is a very inexpensive way to implement computing, EMR, and any other application or service required within a practice. Hosted Cloud is a very practical business model for physicians requiring easier and less-expensive costs of technology and doing business."

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