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Partner Program

The medBEYOND Partner Program is designed for consultants and value-added resellers (VARs) that offer services and products complementary to medBEYOND's medical automation solutions.

Referral Partners

The medBEYOND Referral Program is the quickest and easiest way to join our Partner Program. It's a great way to get started working with the medBEYOND team and allows you to begin offering a proven medical automation solution to your customers immediately.

The medBEYOND sales team will help determine the prospect's needs and present an appropriate solution. The referral partner is then compensated on a percentage basis if and when the prospect becomes a client. medBEYOND will handle with implementation, training, and ongoing support of future clients.

There are no minimum number of presentations or sales required for medBeyond referral partners. Interested in becoming a referral partner? Go to our contact page and select "Become a Referral Partner" from dropdown subject line.

Reseller Partners

As a medBEYOND reseller, your involvement is much more extensive to the point where you are essentially doing it all: identifying your own prospects, determining needs, presenting the software, creating and reviewing the final solution with the prospect, and moving the prospect to becoming a client. Resellers typically handle financing or work with their own leasing partners or, if necessary, medBEYOND's leasing partners. Furthermore, resellers perform their own system installations, system training, and ongoing first-line support. medBEYOND provides updates to the reseller, who then deploys them to client systems.

available as a completely unified single solution or separately per the needs of the practice. medBEYOND will also assist with data conversions and interfaces.. medBeyond will also assist with data conversions and interfaces.

Resellers are expected to work with their own sources to ensure that client infrastructure is adequate to support the medBEYOND solution. Expectations of resellers are significantly higher than those of referral partners; therefore, financial rewards are substantially higher. If interested in becoming a reseller, go to our contact page and select "Become a Reseller Partner" from dropdown subject line.

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