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Securing Personal Health Information and Personal Identifiable Information

medBEYOND considers data security a top priority. Our security policy, procedures, and technical controls meet the highest standard of the HIPAA/Hitech regulation and that of other security frameworks such as ISO and NIST. The model addresses all threats, whether originating from within or outside our organization. Perimeter defenses are combined with internal technical controls, defense systems, and policy to provide a complete strategy for information security. Instituting such a strategy provides blanket protection and clear separation of our internal proprietary information, client data, and the systems communicating all personal identifiable/health information (PII/PHI). To combat the three main threats to data security (data corruption, employees, and social engineering), our data security policy and measures include the following.


Complex passwords


High-security locks


Session limits


Secure offsite data storage


128-bit SSL encryption


Hurricane protection


Deep packet inspection


Multiple backups


Perimeter security testing/analysis


Staff specifically trained to prevent and protect against social engineering


Key card access requirements to datacenter


Criminal background checks of all medBEYOND employeess


24/7 video surveillance


Fire prevention/detection/suppression systems


24/7 security monitoring


Flood protection


Secure remote access


Advanced spam detection, reducing spam up to 99%


Secure VPN client support


Multi-faceted protection from e-mail-borne viruses


Integrated network intrusion detection


Eliminated threat of false positives


Gateway firewall protection


Multi-tiered e-mail defenses


Secure, flexible, and powerful e-mail system


medBEYOND's staff is constantly updated on changes in governmental policies and third-party reimbursement policies. We provide value to any client who doesn't have the time or inclination to navigate the sea of change that is today's insurance industry. Our relationships with experts inside insurance carriers makes us a valuable tool to the physician side of the industry. In other words, we are on the inside with the carriers.

Since 2000, we've had the singular focus of delivering value to our clients by handling all aspects of their medical billing and consulting needs. Our range of expert services can steer you to practice success.

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